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Monday, 15 June 2015

Our World, 1967

June 25, 1967 - Paul and Jane in Abbey Road Studios the day The Beatles performed "All You Need Is Love" filmed and broadcast via satellite to a worldwide audience as part of Britain's contribution to the Our World special.


Friday, 12 June 2015

Jane in New York, 1971

March 1971 - Jane Asher appeared as Celia in "The Philanthropist" at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre from March 15th to May 15, 1971 for 64 performances and 5 previews.

The following story comes from Meet the Beatles For Real blog, and it's of Marie Lacey's meeting with Jane:
The first I met Jane Asher was in March, 1971, when she came over to New York for a three month engagement on Broadway and starred in “The Philanthropist.” It was Jane’s second visit to New York, the first being back in 1967 when she did a five month tour with the Bristol Old Vic in “Romeo and Juliet.” Jane seemed a bit leery when she first realized the group of girls at the stage door was waiting for her, remembering how she had been occasionally threatened by jealous fans during her stay in 1967. When she saw that we had flowers for her, she broke into a relieved smile and was genuinely thrilled. And she kept saying, “for me?” She was so sweet and friendly, posing for photographs, and chatting with us as if we were old friends. Victor Spinetti was also in the play, and he delighted in telling us old Beatles stories, jokes and actually performed skits from the films! (what an ego).
We became regulars and got to know both Jane and Victor as well as could be possible. Some people came to see Victor every week, but we were really interested in getting to know Jane. Jane was beautiful and it was easy to see what Paul had seen in her and I must admit, out getting to know her made it even harder to understand what made him give her up.
One day Jane said she was going to bring us flowers, but wasn’t sure if we’d be there that day or not! It was another change in roles when Jane brought along her movie camera one day and took movies of our shocked faces (We were really creative, and managed to wave into the camera!) We were to have tea together, but the play ended earlier than had been expected and we said hurried goodbyes as Jane flew off to California to visit her brother, Peter.
Jane had told us to come visit her if we ever came to England, so in 1972, I telephoned, and her sister knew who we were, but unfortunately, Jane was on holiday to France. We saw our old pal, Victor, again in 1973, it was he who told us about Jane and Gerald Scarfe. She and Gerald had a daughter, Kate, in April 1974. I still kept contact with Jane, and heard from her at least once a year. 

Photos 1& 2) Fan photo of Jane on Broadway in New York City filming fans with her movie camera. From the Lady Jane Yahoo group. 
Photo 3) Fan photo close-up of Jane pausing for fans on Broadway in New York City. Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 4) Fan foto of Jane outside the Ethel Barrymore theatre. Actor Victor Spinetti, who portrays Braham in "The Philanthropist" has his arm around Jane. From the Lady Jane Yahoo group.  
Photo 5) Fan photo of old friends Victor Spinetti (Braham) and Jane Asher (Celia) after a performance of "The Philanthropist" in New York City. Remember Victor from A Hard Days Night, Help and Magical Mystery Tour? From the Lady Jane Yahoo group. 
Photo6 ) Fan foto of Jane after a performance of "The Philanthrpist". An e-bay aauction listing found via the Lady Jane group at yahoo!