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Monday, 20 February 2017

'Hawkmoor', 1978

On January 29, 1978 the five-part television series “Hawkmoor” began airing. It was created by Lynn Hughes and based on the activities of Twm Siôn Cati, a 16th-century Welsh folk hero.

The 5-part series starred John Ogwen as Twm and Jane Asher as Lady Johane Williams, and also featured Godfrey James as Twm’s right-hand man Shanco, Jack May as the English-born Sheriff John Stedman, Tom Owen as the sheriff’s son John, Philip Madoc as Vicar Davyd, Meredith Edwards as Sir Tom Williams and Rachel Thomas as Agnes. 

The series depicted Twm as a Welsh Robin Hood/freedom fighter protecting the Welsh people from the repression of Sheriff Stedman and the cruel (Catholic) Vicar Davyd during the reign of Queen Mary I of England.

Jane recalls: “I did a thing for the BBC called Hawksmoor [sic], I think, and it was about the Welsh Robin Hood character Twm Sion Cati, a figure in Welsh folklore. We were in Tregaron for some time and it was fantastic, we filmed all round that area. I played the equivalent of Maid Marian in his life, whatever her name was, so that’s a very happy memory of Wales more than 30 years ago.”

Photos 1 & 2 and info) Lady Jane group at yahoo.
Photo 3) Ebay auction listing.
Photo 4) BBC one.
Photo 5) BBC Cymru.
Photo 6) A Penguin paperback (ISBN 0-14-004501-5) relating some of the television adventures (and containing a ballad actually written by Twm) was written by Lynn Hughes and published in 1978.

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