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Monday, 2 May 2016

Mandy, 1952

Five-year-old Jane Asher's first acting role was the part of Nina in the film "Mandy" (also known as "Crash of Silence"), an emotional and well-received story about a deaf-and-dumb girl, Mandy (Mandy Miller), which featured Nancy Price, Phyllis Calvert and Doroty Alison. 

Photo 1) Jane and Nancy Price in a scene of "Mandy". For Many years, this was the only known picture of this film including Jane Asher. My scan from the March 1965 issue of '16 Magazine'. 
Photo 2) Jane, Nancy Price and Phyllis Calvert. Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Screeencaps) Made by me. Please give credit when using them, thanks.

The watermarks are necessary because of screen copying for web use without permission or credits.

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