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Saturday, 18 October 2014

"How I Won the War" premiere, 1967

1967, October 18th - The Beatles and partners seated in the balcony at the Pavilion Theatre for the "How I Won The War" Premiere co-starring John Lennon.  

Paul, Jane, Pattie and George Harrison arrived in Paul's Hispano Suiza. Jane's beautiful beaded dress was a gift from Paul.

Photos 1, 4 to 19 & 22 - Lady Jane group at yahoo.
Photos 2, 21 & 26 - From the internet. If they are yours, please comment and I'll give you full credit.

Photo 3 - so Beautiful Jane & Mo website.
Photo 9 - The Gilly tumblr blog.
Photo 20 - Missing 'Cup Full of Asher' website.
Photo 23 - The Beatles For Life tumblr blog.

Photo 24 - Ebay auction listing.
Photo 25- BeatleBits tumblr blog.

If any info is wrong, some sources are wrong, please contact. There are many pics and some of them I saved them on the computer ages ago. Thanks.

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