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Monday, 28 November 2016

Jane's 21st birthday in Colorado, USA, 1967

April 5, 1967 - Jane embarked on a five-month tour of America in 1967, appearing with the Bristol Old Vic in 'Romeo and Juliet' in Boston, Washington and Philadelphia. Paul flew over to America to celebrate her twenty-first birthday at the Quorum Restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Photographers crash in just as the chef brings out the cake. 



Photos 1 to 6, 8, 10 & 11, 13 & 14) MY SCANS from the July 1967 issue of Teen Datebook magazine. The watermarks are necessary because of screen copying for web use without permission or credits.
Photo 7) Lady Jane group at yahoo!
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Photo 12) paimages.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Evening Standard Film Awards, 1991

January 27th, 1991 - British actresses Jane Asher and Cherie Lunghi, and Jane's husband cartoonist Gerald Scarfe at The London Savoy Hotel for the Evening Standard British Film Awards.

Photos 1 & 3) All Action General/PA Photos
Photos 2, 4 & 5) Alan Davidson / Silverhub/REX/Shutterstock

Monday, 21 November 2016

Jane Asher Collapses! 1981

May 1981 - Jane Asher, 35, collapsed on the set while filming the BBC play "Love Is Old, Love Is New". The reasons were said to be "private and delicate." After a few days Jane was well enough to resume work. It was later revealed that Jane was pregnant with her second child due in December. She & Gerald Scarfe have a 6 year-old daughter, Katie, but no plans to marry. In "Love Is Old, Love Is New" Jane portrays Katha, whose husband, Martyn (Jame Fox) is Beatles crazy!

Lady Jane group at yahoo!

Friday, 18 November 2016

'Tirant lo Blanc', 2005

Jane Asher as the Empress in the Spanish 2006 film Tirant Lo Blanc aka Tirante el Blanco, The White Knight and The Maidens' Conspiracy.

It's an historical adventure film directed by Vicente Aranda. It stars Casper Zafer, Esther Nubiola and Victoria Abril. The script was written by Aranda based on Tirant lo Blanch, a Valencian language chivalry novel dating to 1490, written by Joanot Martorell. It presents a highly fictionalized alternate history narrative of the events leading to the Fall of Constantinople.

The film was shot in English, and was filmed in Madrid, Istanbul, Palermo, Granada, Huelva, Barcelona and Valencia. 

In 1401, Tirant lo Blanc (Casper Zafer), a famous knight, arrives with his small but battle-hardened troops of Almogavars, to the port of Constantinople. The emperor's only son has recently been killed by the Turks and the Byzantine emperor is too old to lead his army in battle. Constantinople is under treat of a Ottoman invasion and therefore it is in desperate need of a skilful military leader. Upon arrival, Tirant is received by the emperor (Giancarlo Giannini) who makes him commander in chief of the Imperial army.

After he is presented to the empress (Jane Asher), Tirant catches a glimpse of the breasts of the emperor's only surviving child, nosebleed-prone daughter Carmesina (Esther Nubiola). A fanciful teenager who has just turn nubile, the beautiful Carmesina is also quickly smitten by the brave and handsome Tirant. Carmensina confides her love for Tirant to her guardian Ines, nicknamed the 'Placid Widow' (Victorial Abril), whose late husband was an ally of the anti-pope. The Placid Widow immediately puts down Carmensina's romantic dreams. As brave and skilful military leader as Tirant might be, he is neither of royal blood nor has a fortune of his own to aspire to marry the heiress of the empire. Carmensina's friends and confidantes, her maidens: Pleasure-of-My-Life (Leonor Watling) and Estefania (Ingrid Rubio), think otherwise. Scared of a possible Ottoman invasion, Pleasure-of-My-Life, the daughter of the court's poet, encourages Carmensina interest in Tirant as she is to inherit the throne and he is going to defend it. Estefania, another lady-in-waiting, supports Tirant's affair with Carmesina because she has fallen in love with Tirant's right-hand man Diafebus (Charlie Cox). Meanwhile, the Empress contemplates that Constantinople stands no chance against a Turkish onslaught and sees her daughter's marriage to the Sultan as the sole way to accommodate him.

In his first battle against the troops of Mehmed IV, nicknamed The Greart Turk (Rafael Amargo), Tirant scores a triumph, but he returns to the Byzantine court with a wound in one shoulder and with the Ottoman threat still looming over Constantinople. Pleasure-of-My-Life tries to consolidate Tirant's romance with the princess awakening Carmensina's desire for him. She tells the princess about a sensual dream in which Carmensina was involved with Tirant while Estefania was having sex with Diafebus. Meanwhile, the Placid Widow wants Tirant for herself, but he rebuffs her sexual advances. Estefania, now engaged to Diafebus, and Pleasure-of-My-Life let Tirant secretly enter Carmensina's bedchamber. The princess is half sleep and Tirant begins to caress her. When Carmensina realizes of Tirant's presence, she screams awakening the court. Tirant flees through a window of the tower with the help of a rope. The rope is too short and he is forced to jump from a great height breaking one of his legs. The next day, Tirant tries to hide what had occurred, simulating a fall from a horse, but he breaks his other leg and ends up bedridden.

Meanwhile, the Empress begins an affair with Hippolytus (Sid Mitchel), a young member of Tirant's entourage. The couple barely escapes being found together in bed by the emperor. A Turkish emissary arrives at the Byzantine court to ask for Carmensina's hand in marriage for Mehmed IV. The Emperors asks for a day before he can gives his consent, but Carmensina takes matters on her own hands. In broad daylight, she goes to Tirant's tent and has sex with the bedridden hero. When Carmensina refuses to marry the Great Turk because she has been with Tirant, war breaks out. In the decisive battle, Tirant kills the Turkish sultan, but he returns from the battlefields badly wounded and dies on the way back. Carmesina dies of grief. After the death of the emperor of Byzantium, Hippolytus marries the Empress and becomes the new ruler. Diafebus and Estefania sail away from Constantinople after Tirant's death.

Monday, 14 November 2016

South Bank Sky Arts Awards, 2012

Gerald Scarfe and Jane Asher, Felicity Kendal, and Twiggy and Leigh Lawson attend the South Bank Sky Arts Awards at Dorchester Hotel on May 1, 2012 in London, England.

Picture 1) Ian Gavan/Getty Images.
Picture 2) Daily Mail.
Picture 3) John Phillips.
Picture 4) From the net. Coment below if it's yours and I'll give you full credit.
Pictures 5 to 10) Richard Young & David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock.

Friday, 11 November 2016

'The Casting Session', 1968

Jane Asher starring as Elaine Porter and Richard Warwick as Mike Hamilton in the Half Hour Story’s episode “The Casting Session” aired on January 19th 1968.

Two actors (Mike & Elaine) attending a casting session become increasingly concerned about the nature of the film they are being cast for.

On the article from TVT13, 19th January 1968 issue we can read:

No doubt – that’s Jane

RECOGNISE the bride? On actor Richard Warwick’s arm for Tuesday’s Half Hour Story is (of course) Jane Asher. He plays Michael; she plays Elaine. The story: The Casting Session. And the 1930’s wig hiding the long Asher hair?
“Nobody would ever persuade me to cut off my long hair,” said Jane, “but I’d love one of these wigs. I’m mad about the Thirties’ look.”

Picture 1) From https://twitter.com/RWarwickTribute

Picture 2) Old ebay auction listing.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Press reception in London, 1971

Musician and actress Marianne Faithfull, musician Georgie Fame, actress Jane Asher and musician Alan Price pictured at a press reception as both men prepare to team up to make music, London, February 18th 1971.

Many thanks to a tumblr visitor for the information.

Picture 1) From the net, if it's yours, coment me and I'll give you full credit.
Picture 2) http://mickjaggugh.tumblr.com/

Friday, 4 November 2016