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Friday, 14 October 2016

The Buccaneers, 1957

Robert Shaw (Captain Dan Tempest), Jane Asher (Jenny Purdy) and Peter Soule (Flip Purdy) in “The Buccaneers” episode “Flip and Jenny” (Season 1, episode 32) aired on April 24th, 1957.
Produced by Sidney Cole, directed by Peter Maxwell and written by Neil R. Collins.

Captain Dan Tempest finds two children, Flip and Jenny Purdy, a young brother and sister, stowed away on his ship. They tell a story of their father, an indentured slave, being thrown in jail for his refusal to work until the local land owner agrees to educate the children. The children
convince Captain Tempest and his men to break their father out of jail. 
Also starring Robert Hardy (Lord Hinch), Paul Hansard (Taffy), Brian Rawlinson (Gaff Guernsay), Edwin Richfield (crewman Armando), Wilfred Downing (crewman Dickon), Colin Douglas (Papa Purdy), Seymour Green (Constable Herridge), Derek Tansley (Sylvester, gentleman and flute player), Roy Purcell (guard), John Dearth (Bellows), Dawson France (Piggot), Willoughby Gray (crewman Pop), Pearl Prescod (unknown).

Source with video of the episode.