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Monday, 30 November 2015

1967 Special: Interview

March 1967 - A very beautiful Jane during an interview in Los Angeles for the 'Romeo & Juliet' and 'Measure for Measure' US' tour.

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Friday, 27 November 2015

1967 Special: Scotland

May 1967 - Jane and Paul with Martha at “High Park”, their farm near Campbelltown in the county of Kintyre, Scotland. Jane advised Paul to buy this remote 183 acre farm in 1966 as a getaway.
Paul had picked Jane up from the airport upon her return from her long North American tour with the Bristol Old Vic and immediatley took away up to their remote Scottish farm for some precious time alone together.

Photos 1, 2 & 5 - Lady Jane group at yahoo.
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Photo 7 - Associated Newspapers/Rex/REX USA
Photo 8 - From the Jane Asher blogspot
Photo 10 - Maureen is a doll tumblr.
Photo 11 - Jane with Alistair Taylor making breakfast at High Park Farm near Campbelltown, Scotland. From The Beatles Monthly Book.From Lady Jane yahoo group.
Photo 13 - Meet the Beatles For Real.

Monday, 23 November 2015

1967 Special: The beautiful red head

1967 - Jane posed for Ladies Home Journal for a pictorial of beautiful red heads: "Who else but a born redhead like actress Jane Asher could so successfully wear a mane of shocking carroty hair. (Remember how exciting she looked in Alfie with Michael Caine?) Jane was happy to receive her gift from nature, but would have liked to say, 'No, thank you' to its accompaniment: ultra-sensitive skin. Like most redheads, her only solution is to stay out of the sun as much as possible." 

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Lady Jane yahoo group.

Friday, 20 November 2015

1967 Special: Los Angeles

Jane Asher was in Los Angeles from March 7th to 25th, 1967 performing as Juliet in two Shakespearean plays 'Romeo & Juliet' and 'Measure For Measure'. 
In the following pictures we can see her with her family in a tea party picnic at a Los Angeles park. There are her mother Margaret Asher, her brother Peter, Betsy Doster (Peter's Girlfriend), Gordon Waller and Sharon Sheeley

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Monday, 16 November 2015

1967 Special: London lecture

On August 24 1967, encouraged by Pattie Boyd Harrison, The Beatles and their partners - minus Ringo and Maureen Starkey, whose second child Jason had been born five days previously - attended a lecture by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, London. 
The Harrisons had become interested in Eastern philosophy during a six-week holiday in Bombay towards the end of 1966. The following year Pattie attended a lecture on Transcendental Meditation at Caxton Hall, London, where she had been given her mantra (a sacred utterance, numinous sound, or a syllable, word, phonemes, or group of words believed by some to have psychological and spiritual power in Sanskrit. A mantra may or may not have syntactic structure or literal meaning; the spiritual value of a mantra comes when it is audible, visible, or present in thought). 
Inspired by her new discovery, she encouraged George to accompany her to Maharishi's lecture at the Hilton. A press conference followed the lecture, after which a 90-minute private audience with Maharishi was held for Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and the rest of their party. The yogi's words left them keen to learn more, and they made arrangements to travel to Bangor, North Wales, the next day to attend the weekend seminar being held there.

Photos 1 & 2 - © Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy Stock Photo
5Photos 4 & 6 - Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 3 - The gilly tumblr blog.

Friday, 13 November 2015

1967 Special: Romeo and Juliet

Jane as Juliet Capulet at the United States with the Bristol Old Vic, from January 15th until March 6th 1967 in New York to perform 'Romeo & Juliet', and in Los Angeles from March 7th to 25th, 1967. Starring Gwan Grainger as Romeo.

The play Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare early in his career about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. It was among Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime and, along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays. Today, the title characters are regarded as archetypal young lovers.
Romeo and Juliet belongs to a tradition of tragic romances stretching back to antiquity. Its plot is based on an Italian tale, translated into verse as The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet by Arthur Brooke in 1562 and retold in prose in Palace of Pleasure by William Painter in 1567. Shakespeare borrowed heavily from both but, to expand the plot, developed supporting characters, particularly Mercutio and Paris. Believed to have been written between 1591 and 1595, the play was first published in a quarto version in 1597. This text was of poor quality, and later editions corrected it, bringing it more in line with Shakespeare's original.

The play, set in Verona, Italy, begins with a street brawl between Montague and Capulet servants who, like their masters, are sworn enemies. Prince Escalus of Verona intervenes and declares that further breach of the peace will be punishable by death. Later, Count Paris talks to Capulet about marrying his daughter Juliet, but Capulet asks Paris to wait another two years and invites him to attend a planned Capulet ball. Lady Capulet and Juliet's nurse try to persuade Juliet to accept Paris's courtship.
Meanwhile, Benvolio talks with his cousin Romeo, Montague's son, about Romeo's recent depression. Benvolio discovers that it stems from unrequited infatuation for a girl named Rosaline, one of Capulet's nieces. Persuaded by Benvolio and Mercutio, Romeo attends the ball at the Capulet house in hopes of meeting Rosaline. However, Romeo instead meets and falls in love with Juliet. Juliet's cousin, Tybalt, is enraged at Romeo for sneaking into the ball, but is only stopped from killing Romeo by Juliet's father, who doesn't wish to shed blood in his house. After the ball, in what is now called the "balcony scene", Romeo sneaks into the Capulet orchard and overhears Juliet at her window vowing her love to him in spite of her family's hatred of the Montagues. Romeo makes himself known to her and they agree to be married. With the help of Friar Laurence, who hopes to reconcile the two families through their children's union, they are secretly married the next day.
Tybalt, meanwhile, still incensed that Romeo had sneaked into the Capulet ball, challenges him to a duel. Romeo, now considering Tybalt his kinsman, refuses to fight. Mercutio is offended by Tybalt's insolence, as well as Romeo's "vile submission," and accepts the duel on Romeo's behalf. Mercutio is fatally wounded when Romeo attempts to break up the fight. Grief-stricken and wracked with guilt, Romeo confronts and slays Tybalt.
Montague argues that Romeo has justly executed Tybalt for the murder of Mercutio. The Prince, now having lost a kinsman in the warring families' feud, exiles Romeo from Verona, under penalty of death if he ever returns. Romeo secretly spends the night in Juliet's chamber, where they consummate their marriage. Capulet, misinterpreting Juliet's grief, agrees to marry her to Count Paris and threatens to disown her when she refuses to become Paris's "joyful bride." When she then pleads for the marriage to be delayed, her mother rejects her.
Juliet visits Friar Laurence for help, and he offers her a potion that will put her into a deathlike coma for "two and forty hours." The Friar promises to send a messenger to inform Romeo of the plan, so that he can rejoin her when she awakens. On the night before the wedding, she takes the drug and, when discovered apparently dead, she is laid in the family crypt.
The messenger, however, does not reach Romeo and, instead, Romeo learns of Juliet's apparent death from his servant Balthasar. Heartbroken, Romeo buys poison from an apothecary and goes to the Capulet crypt. He encounters Paris who has come to mourn Juliet privately. Believing Romeo to be a vandal, Paris confronts him and, in the ensuing battle, Romeo kills Paris. Still believing Juliet to be dead, he drinks the poison. Juliet then awakens and, finding Romeo dead, stabs herself with his dagger. The feuding families and the Prince meet at the tomb to find all three dead. Friar Laurence recounts the story of the two "star-cross'd lovers". The families are reconciled by their children's deaths and agree to end their violent feud. The play ends with the Prince's elegy for the lovers: "For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo".

Photo 1 - Allright George! tumblr blog.
Photos 2, 6 & 8 - Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 3 - Good Time Music tumblr blog.
Photos 4, 9 & 10 - Ebay auction listing
Photo 5 - Wikipedia commons via ebay auction listing.
Photo 7 - From the missed Full Cup of Asher website.

Monday, 9 November 2015

1967 Special: Magical Mystery Tour Party

December 21, 1967 - The Beatles threw a fancy dress party for the crew of Magical Mystery Tour plus family and friends at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. 
Maureen as an Indian squaw, Ringo as a circus ringmaster, John as a Teddy Boy, Paul & Jane as a pearly king and queen. In a couple of pics Betsy Doster and Peter Asher are shown behind the group. George and Pattie arrived late and weren't photographed by the press. Cynthia (not shown) was as a fairy princess.

Photo 1 - Keystone Pictures USA/Alamy.com
Photo 2 - the gilly tumblr blog.
Photos 4 & 7 - Good Time Music tumblr blog.
Photos 5 - Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images.
Photo 6 - Ebay auction listing.

Friday, 6 November 2015

1967 Special: The Birds of Britain

By John D. Green


The Pop Aristocracy is becoming as convoluted in its inter-relationships as the Hapsburg Bourbons.

Jane Asher's brother is pop singer, Peter, and some of her best friends are Beatles, with whom her brother sometimes trafficks songs.

But Jane herself is an actress, with a very un-pop record, from some extroverted performances in Shakespeare to the adolescent waif put upon by Alfie, namely Michael Caine.

Photo 1 and article - Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 2 - the gilly tumblr blog.

Monday, 2 November 2015

1967 Special: Jane and her mom at Saville Theatre

Hello to the few readers and followers we've got here. Thank you very much for joining and reading us.
Recently I thought to do something different, special in this blog: from time to time, an entirely month will be for pictures from one particular year. So all the pictures (photoshots, events, acting career, family/private life) will be from that specific year.
And I've decided to start with 1967. Because she was very beautiful there, she enroled at her first US tour, and I've got plenty of pics too!
So I hope you enjoy this entire month for 1967 pics of Jane!

September 27, 1967 - Margaret Asher and daughter Jane outside the Saville Theatre in London. (Anyone know who was performing at the Saville on that date? - Date is according to Rex Features website.). From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Follow our "1967" tag, below this post, to be sure to read all the previous entries from this year, and may you want comment below wich are your favourite Jane years from any decade since the 1950s to today! But keep in mind that there are some years or even decades in which there are very few pics!
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