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Monday, 3 July 2017

The Adventures of Robin Hood, 1956

Peter and Jane Asher (who portray siblings Oswald and Alice A’Bland) with Arthur Skinner (who portrays their father Athur A'Bland) in The Adventures of Robin Hood's Children of the Greenwood, originally aired April 2, 1956. 
Jane  was then 9 and appeared in 3 episodes.

When free man A'Bland flees from a false accusation of murder that means imprisonment and death, his children, Alice and Oswald, are seized by the men-at-arms who serve Lord FitzUrse (John Longden). In the great castle they are treated harshly at the hands of FitzUrse and his menials. A'Bland joins ta band of outlaws, and together embark on a rescue.

Picture from the deleted and missed tumblr blog bethefphant.

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