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Monday, 17 April 2017

Lecture special: Jane the joyful mother, 1978

TV Times. April 8th  14th 1978.

Picture by Bernard Pallon
JANE ASHER is still occasionally described as a child of the Sixties. She says it makes her sound like something pinned down in a glass case.
She's 31, the apricot hair is as lustrous as ever, and now the man in her life is political cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, whose spidery caricatures are often vicious satires.
He met his Jane near Brighton's Palace Pier during a Labour Party Conference seven years ago. Clive Jenkins, union leader of the Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs, did the instroductions.
Now Jane and Scarfe live in London's (formerly swinging) Chelsea and have a three-year-old daughter, Katie. "I could go on for hours about the joy of otherhood," says Jane, "but I won't. I promise..."

Currently she's on stage in the hit Mermaid Theatre production of Whose Life is it Anyway? which started as a TV play and this week she appears in Rumpole of the Bailey as a drug peddling hippy.
"Rumpole gets slightly too involved with her," she says. "I mean he's not totally just fatherly..."

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