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Friday, 24 March 2017

Stage special: 'Treats', 1976

Treats is a 1975 play by Christopher Hampton about a love triangle. The play is set in 1974, London, in a single room in Ann's flat. There are three characters: Ann (Jane Asher), her former boyfriend Dave (James Bolam), and her lover Patrick (Stephen Moore). It opened at the Royal Court Theatre on February 5, 1976 and then moved to the May Fair Theatre on March 9, 1976.

Jane Asher (Ann), James Bolam (Dave), director Robert Kidd (from behind), and Stephen Moore (Patrick) in reheasal for "Treats" set to open February 5, 1976 at the Royal Court Theatre, London. 

Various scenes from the play.

Hampton's translation of Ibsen's A Doll's House was a huge success. He noted, however, that in the 1970s there were probably as many women trapped in unsatisfactory relationships with abusive men as in the 1870s, and that Ibsen's play was no longer provocative enough. Treats was an instant box office success at the Royal Court and in the West End.

Ann and Patrick are contentedly sitting at home one night, listening to music and talking, when Dave breaks in. His violent temper is clear from the beginning: He punches Patrick on the nose, then refuses to leave, even as Ann threatens to call the police. It soon turns out that Ann used Dave's work trip to Cyprus to break up with him as she had long been planning to do. Now a colleague from work —her new boyfriend, Patrick— moved in with her. Dave refuses to accept the situation and demands an explanation, bullying Ann, and being overly friendly with Patrick. Ann seems determined not to listen to him, particularly when the two men bond against her. Dave tells her she would be bored out of her mind by Patrick and asks her to marry him. She refuses. Dave, however, is crafty and clever enough to succeed: he wins her back and moves back in at the end, succeeding in making both of them miserable.

Photos from the "Treats" theatre programme. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

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