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Friday, 10 March 2017

Stage special: 'The School for Scandal', 1990

The School For Scandal opened on April 24, 1990 at The Olivier Theatre with Jane Asher starring as Lady Sneerwell.

Jane Asher as Lady Sneerwell and Prunella Scales as Mrs Candour in Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play The School For Scandal which opened April 24, 1990 at The Olivier Theatre. 

Lady Sneerwell, who in her youth was the target of slander, has set her life upon a course to reduce the reputations of other women to the level of her own. Aided by her intimate, Snake, she intrigues to involve the Teazles in scandal, to bring Joseph Surface’s true character to light, to wreck the love between Charles and Maria, and to gain Charles for herself along with Sir Oliver’s fortune. To her the world consists of nothing but scandal and scandalous intrigues, and she does her best to make her vision a reality. She is not successful, however, when she abuses Charles Surface to Sir Peter Teazle’s ward Maria, who refuses to listen to her. Instead, Maria trustingly confides in Lady Candour, whose defense of a reputation ensures its complete annihilation.

Photos from the theatre programme. From Lady Jane group at yahoo.

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