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Friday, 17 March 2017

Stage special: 'The Reluctant debutante', 2011

Jane Asher starred as Sheila Broadbent in The Reluctant Debutante, a play authored by William Douglas Home and directed by Belinda Lang.

The production opened at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre (Guildford, Surrey) on 9th February 2011, and until the 19th of the same month. Then, it runned at the Theatre Royal Brighton from 21st to 26th February, at the Cambridge Arts Theatre (8th – 12th March 2011), London's Richmond Theatre (14th – 19th March 2011), and finally at The Everyman at Cheltenham (21st – 26th March 2011).

Society couple, Jimmy and Sheila Broadbent (Clive Francis and Jane Asher), are launching their daughter Jane (Louise Calf) into society and have their eye on the perfect husband. Jane, however, has other ideas. The round of balls and parties bores her stiff and the last thing she wants is some stuffy young toff with perfect manners. In fact, the chap she really wants appears to be a perfect cad…

Horrified parents, a conniving cousin and hot society gossip make this a debutante season to remember. Bursting with witty one liners and sparkling dialogue in the tradition of Noel Coward, this affectionate caricature of 1950s British society brings the glamour and charm of the debutante scene gloriously to life.

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