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Friday, 24 March 2017

Stage special: 'Making it Better', 1992

1992 - Drawing of Jane Asher on the cover of the Criterion Theatre programme for her play, Making It Better in which she received top billing. It originally opened at the Hampstead Theatre on February 11, 1992 and later moved to the Criterion on October 21, 1992. 

Larry Lamb as Adrian Harrington, Jane Asher as Diana Harrington, David de Keyser as Josef Pavlicek and Rufus Sewell as Tomas Kratky on stage in different scenes from the James Saunders play Making It Better

It is 1989; Czechoslovakia is struggling with its new-found freedom. In London, Pavlicek and Tomas, two Czechoslovakian émigrés, become involved in the tangled relationship between Diana and Adrian Harrington, who purvey British culture across the globe via the World Service. Adrian has an affair with Tomas, Diana with Pavlicek and then with Tomas... Betrayals  of friends, lovers, countries and ideals  abound in this emotionally exacting and politically stringent comedy, in which nobody plays by the rules and nobody emerges blameless.

Pictures from From the Criterion Theatre programme. From Lady Jane group at yahoo.

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