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Monday, 20 March 2017

Stage special: 'Bedroom Farce', 2009

Three couples, grumpily bedridden Nick (Tony Gardner) and his no-nonsense wife Jan (Lucy Briers), bouncy optimistic newlyweds Malcolm (Daniel Betts) and Kate (Finty Williams), and the mature and upper-middle-class couple Delia (Jane Asher) and Ernest (Nicholas Le Prevost) are linked by the fourth, edgily navel-gazing Trevor (Orlando Seale) and his partner Susannah (Rachel Pickup) in this comedy by Alan Ayckbourn

The show runned from October 2nd to November 28th 2009 at the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

Photos 1 to 4, 6 & 9) Donald Cooper/REX/Shutterstock.
Photo 5) The Guardian.
Photo 7) Express.
Photo 8) The Telegraph.
Photo 10) From the net. If it's yours, drop me a line and I'll give you full credit.
Photo 11) Delcampe.

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