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Friday, 11 November 2016

'The Casting Session', 1968

Jane Asher starring as Elaine Porter and Richard Warwick as Mike Hamilton in the Half Hour Story’s episode “The Casting Session” aired on January 19th 1968.

Two actors (Mike & Elaine) attending a casting session become increasingly concerned about the nature of the film they are being cast for.

On the article from TVT13, 19th January 1968 issue we can read:

No doubt – that’s Jane

RECOGNISE the bride? On actor Richard Warwick’s arm for Tuesday’s Half Hour Story is (of course) Jane Asher. He plays Michael; she plays Elaine. The story: The Casting Session. And the 1930’s wig hiding the long Asher hair?
“Nobody would ever persuade me to cut off my long hair,” said Jane, “but I’d love one of these wigs. I’m mad about the Thirties’ look.”

Picture 1) From https://twitter.com/RWarwickTribute

Picture 2) Old ebay auction listing.

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