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Monday, 10 October 2016

Paul McCartney & Jane Asher: Alone and In Love, 1967

Teen Life. November 1967.

Why do Paul and Jane like to hide themselves away on a remote farm in Scotland? Because they want to be... ALONE AND IN LOVE

The young couple ran playing through the lonely fields and the sound of carefree laughter filled the air. He wore an old pair of blue jeans and a sweatershirt - she, a short shleeved woolen sweter, her favourite pair of slacks and a pair of well-worn boots. And as they ran, hand in hand, her long red hair blew carelessly in the breeze. At their heels romped a large and excited Old English sheepdog.

From a distance, they looked like any other young sweethearts in lover with nothing on their minds but each other.

But the locals who live in this part of the world, and who are not unused to seeing the couple acting like this, know that they are no ordinary boy and girl. That the handsome man with tussled hair is no other than Beatle Paul McCartney and that the lovely, wholesome girl with freckled face and warm smile, is his actress girlfriend Jane Asher.

But to the residents of Cambeltown in the country of Kintyre in Scotland, it doesn't much matter who they are. They know that Paul bought High Park Farm, with its 183 acres, so that he could escape from the pressures and bustle of the city and have some peace and quiet. And being people who are known for keeping themselves to themselves, they believe that Paul is entitled to privacy. And they leave him alone.

Paul bought the old farm in 1966. He needed a place where he could, for a little while, forget the recording studios, footlights, screaming, traveling and crowds. A hideaway remote from civilization. But at that time the Beatles didn't have too much time on their hands for relaxing, and Paul wasn't able to fly up to his farm very often. 

Now things have changed. The Beatles usual hectic schedule has, for the time being, almost come to a standstill, and they are able to enjoy themselves doing what they want - when they want to do it. Which means that Paul can now take off to Scotland whenever the group is free, and relax to his heart's content. But, more ofthen than not, he'll be found wandering around with an assortmen of tools in his hand, fixing and decorating.

What's the farm like? Well, it's a squat, grey sandstone building with a corrugated iron roof and a byre only the thickness of a wall away.

The farmhouse has three rooms, two bedrooms with wild roses growing round the windows and a stone-floored kitchen with a large cooker and a double bed in the corner.

But it also has "modern conveniences." For instance, there's a high-powered radio set and television to relax in front of during the long winter evenings.

Says Paul: "This is one of the quietest places on earth. The scenery is wonderful and we can relax and get away from it all. I hope we can go into Cambeltown someday without being mobbed by fans. It would be terrible if they started coming out to the farm to see us."

So far Paul's fears have been unfounded. we hope they stay that way.

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