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Monday, 29 August 2016

Paul's 21st birthday, 1963

Paul McCartney celebrated his 21st birthday with a party held at his Aunt Gin's house at 147 Dinas Lane, Huyton, Liverpool.
The party was held a marquee in the back garden in the evening of 18 June 1963. The Fourmost performed at McCartney's request; he offered to pay them their regular fee, but the group insisted the would only accept fourpence halfpenny each. In the end, it is said, they were never paid anyway.
Other guests included Billy J Kramer and The Shadows. Cliff Richard's backing group had been appearing in Blackpool. They met McCartney and his girlfriend Jane Asher outside the Empire Theatre, Liverpool, and all traveled to Dinas Lane together.
Also attended John and Cynthia Lennon, George’s mom Louise Harrison and Ringo’s stepdad Harry Graves. It was here where Jane and Cynthia met for the first time, the latter recalling: "Paul fell like a ton of bricks for Jane. The first time I was introduced to her was at her home and she was sitting on Paul's knee. My first impression of Jane was how beautiful and finely featured she was. Her mass of Titian-coloured hair cascaded around her face and shoulders, her pale complexion contrasting strongly with her dark clothes and shining hair. Paul was obviously as proud as a peacock with his new lady. For Paul, Jane Asher was a great prize."

Photo taken by Michael McCartney and published in his book. Large double-page size photo with a seam down Jane’s face. Lady Jane group at yahoo!

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