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Monday, 7 March 2016

"Henceforward...", 1988

In October 1988 Jane opened in London's West End performing in Alan Ayckbourn's play "Henceforward..." co-starring with Ian McKellen.

The play "Henceforward..." is the first comedy in wich Alan Ayckbourn includes elements of science fiction. It is set in London, England, in the future but "sometime quite soon". It is a bleak future where law and order has broken down in at least some parts of the city,and social interaction is limited by the automation of many shops and services.
It concerns Jerome, a composer, who develops a plan to persuade his estrangered wife Corinna (a bank manager) that his home life is sufficiently stable for her to allow their 13-year-old daughter Geain to stay with him. The plan involves both an actress and a gynoid (the female equivalent of an android).

"Henceforward..." was Ayckbourn's thirty-foutrh full-lenght play. It was first performed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, in 1987. It received its West End premiere at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue in October 1988 where Jerome was played by Ian McKellen, Corinna was played by Jane Asher and Geain by Emma Chambers. This production won the 1989 Best Comedy category at the Evening Standard Awards for London theatre.

Photos 1 to 3) Lady Jane group at yahoo.
Photo 4) Photo by John Haynes. From Hello! magazine, Dec. 3, 1988 issue via Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 5) Ebay auction listing.
Photo 6) Wood T./Newscom.

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