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Monday, 2 November 2015

1967 Special: Jane and her mom at Saville Theatre

Hello to the few readers and followers we've got here. Thank you very much for joining and reading us.
Recently I thought to do something different, special in this blog: from time to time, an entirely month will be for pictures from one particular year. So all the pictures (photoshots, events, acting career, family/private life) will be from that specific year.
And I've decided to start with 1967. Because she was very beautiful there, she enroled at her first US tour, and I've got plenty of pics too!
So I hope you enjoy this entire month for 1967 pics of Jane!

September 27, 1967 - Margaret Asher and daughter Jane outside the Saville Theatre in London. (Anyone know who was performing at the Saville on that date? - Date is according to Rex Features website.). From Lady Jane yahoo group.

Follow our "1967" tag, below this post, to be sure to read all the previous entries from this year, and may you want comment below wich are your favourite Jane years from any decade since the 1950s to today! But keep in mind that there are some years or even decades in which there are very few pics!
And sorry for my English, because it's not my maternal language!

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