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Monday, 30 March 2015

Love Story, 2006

Jane & Gerald Scarfe by David Bailey - from Vogue Hommes International, Spring & Summer 2006.

Famed fashion photographer David Bailey photographed several couples for Vogue Hommes International magazine's, Spring & Summer 2006 edition. 

JANE ASHER actor, writer and businesswoman & GERALD SCARFE artist and theatre designer.

What do you like so much about Gerald?
After such a long time, love becomes something much deeper than individual qualities or compatibilities: with three children, two step-children and thirty-four years of memories in common, it's hard to decide where one of us stops and the other starts.

Where do you go together?
For anyone with any kind of pulic face, maintaining privacy is very important part of a successful marriage. So . . .

How did you meet?
We met on the final trip of the steam train The Brighton Belle, on the way to the tenth anniversary party of the magazine Private Eye in 1971 - and have been together ever since.

How long has your romance been going on?
For 34 years.

Gerald suit, GIEVES. Shirt, DAKS.
Stylist Pipa Vosper/MFA.
Hair Tracey Cahoon/CLM
Makeup Sharon Dowsett/CLM.

Picture and information from the Lady Jane group at yahoo!

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