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Monday, 1 December 2014

Peter Asher wedding, 1970

1970, October 27th - Jane Asher attending at the wedding of her brother Peter (26) and Betsy Doster (27), former publicist for the Rolling Stones from Nashville (TN), at Marylebone Register Office in London. 

Photo 1 - Topfoto.co.uk
Photo 2 - Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 3 - Pictured after the wedding are Gordon Waller (left), the Best Man, bride Betsy, groom Peter, and his sister Jane Asher. The young bridesmaid is Jackie Vickers. After the ceremony, the couple and their guests walked through the rain to the reception, being held at a flat nearby. From Lady Jane yahoo group.
Photo 4 - Same as previous one, REX/Johnson/Associated Newspapers.
Photos 5 & 6 - Betsy Doster, Peter and Jane Asher. Lady Jane group at yahoo!
Photo 7 -  Betsy Doster, Peter and Jane Asher. REX/Bill Cross / Daily Mail.
Photo 8 -  Betsy, Peter and Jane.

Photo 9 - Betsy and Peter, at the background far right there is Jane. Is she with the theatre director Robert Kidd of whom she dated briefly? Bentley Archive/Popperfoto/Getty Images.
Photo 10 - Same as previous one, smaller but fuller version.  REX/Bill Cross/Daily Mail.


  1. I wonder from where you got these 70’s photographs of Jane Asher! These are adorable. The place where this wedding took place was one of the most popular event locations of 70’s. Can you share more photographs?

    1. Hi Zerry,
      All the ones I've got are the ones I've shared here in this post. But if I ever find more, my tumblr blog will be the first place to post them, along with my facebook page for Jane, as it's easier and quicker. ay you want to follow them or save them at your favourites?


      Thank you!