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Saturday, 4 October 2014

World Animal Day - October 4th

World Animal Day is an international day of action celebrated annually on October 4. It started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy who wished to highlight the plight of endangered species.

Here you'll find many pictures of Jane Asher with animals. Have a Happy World Animal Day!

Star Pets, from the British Diana annual of 1967. The article says: "Here is a selection of photographs of stars and their pets. See if you can find out the names of the stars from the rhyming clues given by their pets." Jane caption says: "My owner's tops! She's all the rage, Star of films, TV and stage." Lady Jane yahoo group.

Jane Asher with tabby kittens, ca. 1963. Unknown details.

Fall 1963/early 1964 - Jane Asher on the set of "The Masque of the Red Death" holding a bird of prey. From the much missed 'Cup full of Asher' website.

1965, October 13th - Jane playing with a tabby kitten while in rehearsals for her role in the new Frank Marcus play, 'Cleo', at the Bristol Old Vic.
Photos from Lady Jane yahoo group, Beatlebits tumblr blog, Allposters.com, beatlemania06.tumblr.com

1967, May - Jane and Paul with Martha at "High Park", their farm near Campbelltown in the county of Kintyre, Scotland. Jane advised Paul to buy this remote 183 acre farm in 1966 as a getaway. Paul had picked Jane up from the airport upon her return from her long North American tour with the Bristol Old Vic and immediatley took away up to their remote Scottish farm for some precious time alone together.
Photos from Lady Jane yahoo group, beatlesgirlworld tumblr, REX FEATURES, The Jane Asher blogspot and ebay auction listing.


1967, December 11th - Paul & Jane with sheepdog Martha were driving up to their Scottish farm in Campbelltown, when they had car trouble and had to stay over in Glasgow for a night waiting for repairs to be completed. Photos from Lady Jane yahoo group, Bethefant tumblr blog, Allright George! tumblr blog and e-bay auction listing.

Circa 1968 - Fan photo taken of Jane and the sheepdog Martha outside of Paul's Cavendish Avenue home. From Meet The Beatles for Real.

Early 1968 - Pose of Paul and Jane at their Cavendish Avenue home with pets, Thisbe, Martha and another cat, taken by Ringo Starr who photographed each of the Beatles couples at home for the forthcoming authorized Beatles biography by Hunter Davies. From Lady Jane group at yahoo.

1968, June 18th - Paul invited fans into 93-94 Waldour Street for his 26th birthday party of champagne and the cake that they had presented him with earlier. In the evening Paul attended the opening of a new play starring Jane Asher instead of attending the opening of ‘In His Own Write’ - a one-act play by John Lennon at the Old Vic in London. Info & photo 1 from the Lady Jane yahoo group. Photo 2 from http://beatle-girls.blogspot.com.

1969 - Jane Asher on the set of "The Buttercup Chain" with some furry friends. Photos from Getty Images and e-bay auction listings.

Jane Asher with a white cat. Unknown details.

1978 - Jane posing at her Chelsea home with her cat. Jane is set to star in a new television series "Hazell" in which she portrays a cockney private eye seeking her young daughter. From Lady Jane yahoo group.
Early 1982 - Jane posing at her Chelsea home with the family dog, Emily, who plays a part in Jane’s new television drama, “Love Is Old, Love Is New”. From the Radio Times, March 20-26, 1982. Lady Jane yahoo group.

Ca. 1982 - Jane and Emily at their home. Unknown details, found on-line.

1988 - Jane with her beloved golden retriever, Emily, posing in a London park. From TV Times, January 23-29, 1988. Lady Jane yahoo group.

 2013, April 11th - Jane Asher poses with a dog for the deaf and a dog sculpture at the Chelsea Art Fair. Jane Asher opens the New Chelsea Art Fair in Old Chelsea Town Hall. The Chelsea Art Fair is supporting two charities, Dogs for the Deaf and Parkinsons UK.

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