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Friday, 24 October 2014

"Let It Be" premiere, 1970

Wednesday, May 13, 1970 - The largest crowds ever stopped traffic outside the London Pavilion Theatre on opening night of The Beatles' film "Let It Be". None of the former Beatles attended but many familiar Beatles' associates past and present turned out for the premiere including: Director Richard Lester and his wife, actress Jane Asher, singer Mary Hopkin, Apple press officer Tony Bramwell, and singer Julie Felix.

Let It Be is a 1970 documentary film about the Beatles rehearsing and recording songs for the album Let It Be in January 1969. The film features an unannounced rooftop concert by the group, their last performance in public. Released just after the album, it was the final original Beatles release.
The film was originally planned as a television documentary which would accompany a concert broadcast. When plans for a broadcast were dropped, the project became a feature film. Although the film does not dwell on the dissension within the group at the time, it provides some glimpses into the dynamics that would lead to the Beatles' break-up.

Photo 1 - Topfoto.co.uk
Photo 2 - Ebay auction listing (is she holding hands with Robert Kidd?)
Photo 3 - MPTVimages.com
Photo 4 & 5 - From Kine Weekly, May 23, 1970. From Lady Jane yahoo group.
Photo 6 - © LFI/Photoshot

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