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Monday, 15 September 2014

"Tirant Lo Blanch" Madrid photocall, 2005

2005, March 16th - Actors and actresses Caspar Zafer, Jane Asher, Gian Carlo Giannini, Victoria Abril, film director Vicente Aranda, Ether Nubiola, Ingrid Rubio and Rafael Amargo pose at the Photocall for the Spanish new movie by director Vicente Aranda, 'Tirant Lo Blanch' (aka 'The Maiden's Conspiracy', 'The white Knight' and 'Tirante El Blanco'), at the Hotel Ritz on March 16, 2005 in Madrid, Spain. 


Tirant lo Blanch (modern spelling: Tirant lo Blanc) is a romance written by the Valencian knight Joanot Martorell, finished posthumously by his friend Martí Joan de Galba and published in the city of Valencia in 1490. The title means "Tirant the White" and is the name of the main character in the romance. It is one of the best known medieval works of literature in Valencian, and played an important role in the evolution of the Western novel through its influence on the author Miguel de Cervantes.
Jane plays the role of the Empress.

Photos by Lalo Yasky/Wireimage and Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images.

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