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Friday, 15 August 2014

Indica, 1966

January 1966 - Jane helps brother Peter and business partner John Dunbar (husband of Marianne Faithfull) in their new bookshop, INDICA, prior to its January 28, 1966 opening at 6 Mason’s Yard, London. 
Their third partner, Barry Miles, would be handling the day-to-day running of the shop. Jane donated the shop’s first cash till, which was an old Victorian till that she had played with as a young girl. Paul McCartney contributed by drawing the flyers - which were used to advertise Indica’s opening - and also designed the wrapping paper.

Indica Gallery was a counterculture art gallery during the late 1960s, in the basement of the Indica Bookshop. The three partners had combined their ideas into a company called Miles, Asher and Dunbar Limited (MAD) to start the Indica Books and Gallery in September 1965, as an outlet for art and literature. It hosted a show of Yoko Ono's work in November 1966 at which Ono first met John Lennon.
The International Times newspaper was started in the basement of the Indica bookshop.

In 1966, the Indica bookshop was separated from the Indica Gallery, and moved to 102 Southampton Row in the summer of 1966. The name of the bookshop was promptly changed to INDICA Books. It soon proved to be a popular venue for the INDICA Books team and the royalty of the ‘swinging sixties’ that were associated with them. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were visitors to the flat and on one evening in 1966 they rehearsed a song they called “Mark X” in the flat. The song was later recorded at the Abbey Road Studios as “Tomorrow Never Knows” and included on the Revolver Album.

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