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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Henry Grossman photoshots, 1965

Late March 1965 - Paul and Jane posing at Twickenham Studios for Henry Grossman during the filming of The Beatles' second film Help! (working title: Eight Arms To Hold You) on the cult’s temple set.

Henry Grossman remembers:
"Work on 'Eight Arms To Hold You' continued at Twickenham Film Studios in London. I was staying on in London for a while longer and dropped by Twickenham while The Beatles were preparing to film the scene inside the cult's temple. The set was fantastic, covered in intricate carvings and watched over by a massive Kali idol. In the final cut, this scene would come immediately before the swimming pool scene we had shot back on the very first day of filming in the Bahamas.
I met Paul's girlfriend, Jane Asher, for the first time that day (she had not accompanied us in Austria). She was lovely. Jane was a well-known actress in England, and the two of them together made quite the celebrity pair. I thought they were an adorable couple. I took several pictures of them together in the temple. At one point, George crashed the photo shoot and worked his way into several shots, much to everyones amusement. The boys were always up for a laugh.”

Photos 1 to 10 & 12 to 16 - Found on the net (some of them saved ages ago and posted at the Lady Jane group at yahoo!). If any of them it's yours, please, drop me a line and I'll give you full credit.
Photo 10 - From tumblr (now deleted). Scan from October 1966 issue of 'Teen Life' magazine.
Photos 11 & 17 to 20, and information - Photos by Henry Grossman from his book, Places I Remember - My Time With The Beatles, 2012. Scans from Lady Jane yahoo group.
Photo 15 - Scan from http://tragicalhistorytour.tumblr.com
Photo 21 - From the missing site 'Cup Full of Asher'.
Photo 22 - A composite of Henry Grossman’s portraits of each of the Beatles couples appeared on the cover of the September 1966 issue of 'Teen Life' magazine: John & Cynthia Lennon, Paul McCartney & Jane Asher, Maureen & Ringo Starr and Pattie Boyd & George Harrison. From Lady Jane yahoo group.

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